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Upton gets 200 pounder

Jim Upton of Wolcottville shot a 200-pound 10-pointer with his Knight 50-caliber muzzleloader on the opening day of firearms season in LaGrange County. His son, James Upton, took a 153-pound 10-pointer in Noble County on Dec. 12 with his CVA .45 caliber muzzleloader.

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Sams and son take trophy elk

Hunter Sams, left, of Howe, recently traveled to eastern Montana to join his father, Troy Sams, for some elk hunting. Hunter harvested a trophy class, six-point bull at 565 yards near Colstrip, Mont. In two days of hunting, more than 250 head were observed,...


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Lake Michigan coho fishing is heating up

Every year I launch my boat in Lake Michigan in early March in search of spring coho, and every year I go home without fish. It’s always too early. Read More...

Bighorns roam the high desert

The Sonoran desert of northern Mexico is dry and bleak, a rugged and rock-strewn landscape where grayish-green scrub and cactus struggle to survive, where scorpions, rattlesnakes and Gila monsters eke out a hardscrabble existence. It is a place where few humans venture. Read More...

Louisiana crappie fishing best in the U.S.A.

For reasons even they can’t explain, Louisiana fishermen call black and white crappies white perch. It makes no sense since they aren’t even in the perch family, but I let it slide every year because the same Cajuns also let me fish with them... Read More...

Spring fishing prep goes high tech

With another very forgettable ice fishing season over, it’s time to get ready for open water fishing. Read More...

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